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Obviously having a job is really important – everyone likes to have enough money for food and clothes, right? Getting a job when you’re still a teenager is a great idea even if the job is boring or bad. You definitely don’t want to be that one person who doesn’t have any job experience right out of high school or college when you have to start paying for your own stuff!

The library is a great place to go for help with getting a job. Anyone trying to get a job needs a resume – we can tell you what that is and how to make one. You also need to figure out what types of jobs are right for you and how to start applying – we can help you with that, too. Take a look at the resources below, and never hesitate to call, e-mail, or come in and ask questions.

ACFPL Job & Resume Guide

Easy Resume Template

Job & Career Accelerator (Quizzes, job information, etc.)


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