Mind & Body

We all go a little insane sometimes. It can be difficult to manage stress, health, and sexuality issues on top of all the other millions of things you need to worry about every day. The following pages have links and information about keeping your mind and body in check so you can get back to thinking about what you’re REALLY interested in – which is the library, right? Right?

Fitness & Nutrition

Teen Health from Nemours – Nemours provides great information on health, growth, and emotions for yourself and your parents. Nemours is one of the top child healthcare organizations in the country, so they know what they’re talking about!

Nutrition & Fitness – A site created by a known nutritionist who is out to inspire people to be healthy and fit! She has everything from clean eating to awesome workouts! And even a bit of fashion and fun to distract yourself with between crunches!

Yoga – Yoga.com is a interactive online site that has all poses for yoga together in one awesome site! There are even videos for quick yoga sessions! Namaste!

Stress Management

7CupsofTea – 7CupsOfTea is a online site where active listeners are ready and waiting for you to come to them and just talk to them about whatever!

The Quiet Place – This website lets you sit down, relax and forget the whole world for a bit. If you like this site, try The Comfort Spot , The Dawn Room , and The Thoughts Room

HeadSpace – This site is awesome to teach you how to meditate and stress management that can be used for your whole life and style!

Mental Health

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:

IMAlive – An online crisis network implemented to help you online and in a quick manner.

National Alliance on Mental Illness – Better known as NAMI, NAMI is geared to help you understand mental health and mental illness.

If you are struggling with mental health issues, or think you might be depressed, Ms. Moffit is a safe person to talk to about these issues. She’s happy to listen and work on getting you the help you need. Private appointments are available!


Sexetc. – Made by teens, for teens, Sexetc. is one of the best places to go to if you ever need to know something about relationships and sex, but are either too embarrassed to ask an adult about or be seen reading a book on.

The Trevor Project – Teens are at an age where they are learning things about themselves that help search for an identity. Some of these aspects come with ease; others are terrifying. If you aren’t sure about what you like, who you love, etc, The Trevor Project may be for you. If you feel ousted, alone, and feel as though you are not important, they are just a phone call away.

ScarletTeen – Calling itself “Sex Education for the Real World”, ScarletTeen talks about EVERYTHING you could possibly know about sex, relationship and sexuality.

The library also has tons of books on sex, health, and relationships for people of all genders and orientations. You do not need a parent’s permission to check them out. All you need is a library card. We take your privacy seriously and will never reveal the items checked out to your library card without your permission. You don’t have to worry about being embarrassed when you check things out. To be honest, we check so many things in and out every day that it barely registers. However, you’re always welcome to read in the library in you need to.

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