Kiwanis Club of Atlantic City Records

Title: Kiwanis Club of Atlantic City Records
Date: 1920-2014
Collection Number: H103
Accession Number: 2014.35
Extent: 13.2 cubic feet
Repository: Atlantic City Heritage Collections, Atlantic City Free Public Library, 1 North Tennessee Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, (609) 345-2269.
Preferred Citation: Kiwanis Club of Atlantic City Records, Atlantic City Heritage Collections, Atlantic City Free Public Library.
Creator: Kiwanis Club of Atlantic City (1920-2014)
Biographical/Historical Note:
The Kiwanis International organization was founded in 1915 in Detroit, Michigan. The organization operates on a platform of service to communities both local and worldwide, with special emphasis on benefitting children. The Atlantic City chapter of Kiwanis International was formed on October 14, 1920, followed by a “Charter Night” celebration on November 18th, after the chapter was signed into approval in Michigan.
The Atlantic City Kiwanis Club soon became one of the most prominent in the entire organization, hosting six conventions of Kiwanis International over the years. The Club also sponsored the founding of eight new Kiwanis Clubs in the towns of Ocean City, Pleasantville, Egg Harbor City, Hammonton, Millville, Camden, Vineland, and Phillipsburg. Atlantic City’s Kiwanis chapter maintained a membership of 100-180 persons throughout most of its history. Women were permitted to join the organization beginning in 1986.
Some of the many services the club provided to the City of Atlantic City included the cleaning of roads in the city and county, the painting of promotional slogans on water pipes leading into Atlantic City, cooperative efforts with the South Jersey Food Bank, working on the Texas Avenue Salvation Army building, holding several award and scholarship ceremonies, and myriad services to children and especially special needs students in Atlantic City. The Kiwanis Club was also greatly responsible for the founding of Gardner’s Basin as a cultural center.
After 94 years of service to the local community, the Kiwanis Club of Atlantic City dissolved in November 2014 due to the aging of its members and a lack of new membership.
Scope and Content:
Shortly before disbanding, members Tom Keck and Bill McGinley donated the Kiwanis Club’s archives to the Atlantic City Free Public Library in October 2014. These archives include club records such as meeting minutes, roster books, and club histories, as well as several scrapbooks of photo and newspaper articles pertaining to the club’s members and activities. There are also many photographs documenting the club’s varied service projects, including work with the Special Olympics, scholarships given to Atlantic City High School students, donations to local charity and care organizations, and even trips abroad.
The club’s records also include several physical materials from the club’s history, including their bell and gavel, club banners from different eras, several award ribbons and patches, and the Kiwanis sign which hung outside Hackney’s Restaurant, where the club held their weekly meetings for many years.
The materials in the collection span from the Club’s initial chartering in 1920, up to their dissolution in 2014.
System of Arrangement
The collection is arranged according to the following series:

Series 1 – Photographs
Series 2 – Scrapbooks
Series 3
– Club Records and Histories
Series 4
– Objects

To accommodate for space restrictions, materials from two or more series may be stored in the same box. The Photographs series is arranged chronologically where possible, with undated photos grouped in separate folders nearest to the decade they are thought to be from. Another box of oversized photos dates from 1920s-1950s, but is not arranged chronologically. Five rolled photos dating 1920s-1950s are also separated from the rest of the Photos series to allow them the necessary space. A small box of slide photographs is arranged by events but not chronologically as information about the events depicted is limited. The Club Records and Histories series includes many copies of newspaper articles and documents relating to club events. These items have also been grouped chronologically where possible. Scrapbooks and Objects are grouped based on size and space allotted only.
Preservation and Access Note:
Some materials are fragile. Consult with Atlantic City Heritage Collections staff prior to unwrapping or opening enclosures, or prior to photocopying materials. Some items of a personal nature are restricted from public use.
Access Points:
Kiwanis Club – Atlantic City – New Jersey
Service Organizations
Charity Organizations
Social Clubs
Baseball Teams
Hackney’s Restaurant
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Local History Biography Files:
            Bell, Ezra C.
            Buzby, Walter J. and Family
            Clark, Walter W. Jr.
            Davis, Elwood G.
            Endicott, Richard
            Fiore, Carl
            Fiore, Michael J.
            Gravatt, Frank
            Hackney Family
            Hamid Family
            Johnson, Earl E.
            Leeds Family
            Lippincott Family
            Phillips, Adrian
            Turner, Maceo
            Usry, James
            White, F. Fisher
            White Family
Processing Note: The collection is processed and artifacts cataloged in PastPerfect. Finding aid written by Katie Sundra, April 2015.
Copyright Notice: While the Atlantic City Free Public Library owns the collection, the Library may not own the copyright for all of the items. Researchers wishing to reproduce materials are responsible for obtaining the proper permissions.
Series 1 - Photographs
Box 1
Folder 1 – Oversized photo, “A Testimonial Dinner to Leeds and Lippincott Company” Haddon Hall 1929; Oversized photo of unknown event/dinner circa 1930s.
Folder 2 – Folded panoramic photo of Club at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 1925; Oversized photo of Club in front of train to Shenandoah Caverns 1927; Oversized photo of Nurses’ Day at Hackney’s 1936/37; Oversized photos from Band Table High School Night 1959: 4 copies, one with identification taped to back
Folder 3 – Photo of Kiwanis baseball league 1948. Originally a framed photograph. Has been removed from frame but is still attached to cardboard backing.
Folder 4 – 2 landscape prints of baseball leagues 1920s. Originally framed. Removed from frame but adhered to glass.
Box 2
Folder 1 – 1920s photos, various events.
Folder 2 – 1930s photos, various events.
Folder 3 – 1940s photos, various events.
Folder 4 – Undated photos circa 1920s-1940s, various events.
Folder 5 – 1950s photos, various events.
Folder 6 – Band Table/High School Nights 1960s – 1 of 2
Folder 7 – Band Table/High School Nights; Key Club 1960s – 2 of 2
Box 3
Folder 1 – undated photos circa 1950s-1960s, various events.
Folder 2 – undated photos circa 1950s-1960s, various events.
Folder 3 – 1960s photos (dated), various events.
Folder 4 – Club 50th Anniversary dinner, 1970
Folder 5 – 1970s photographs, various events.
Box 4
Folder 1 – 1980s photographs, various events.
Folder 2 – 1990s photographs, various events.
Folder 3 – Undated photos circa 1970s-1990s, various events
Folder 4 – 2000s-2010s photographs, various events.
Box 5
Slide photographs. Grouped by event where possible, but not chronologically. (Box also includes objects 2014.035.011-016 from Series 4.)
Box 6
Five rolled photos: Installation Dinner 1937, Installation Dinner 1950, no description circa 1930s (probably an installation dinner), Order De Molay Conclave 1928, Kiwanis Baseball 1927.
(Box also includes 6 scrapbooks from Series 2)
Series 2 - Scrapbooks
Box 6
3 large scrapbooks containing photos and newspaper clippings, mostly from the 1940s.
3 smaller scrapbooks: two from Kiwanis International conventions held in Atlantic City 1957 and 1972, one plain cover with text “Kiwanis”
(Box also includes five rolled photographs from Series 1)
Box 7
3 large scrapbooks:
#1 – “Dr.Fish” scrapbook circa 1930s/40s showing members of Kiwanis Baseball League both on the field and receiving medical exams.
#2 – Kiwanis President Tom Barker’s “reign.” Featuring newspaper clippings, cartoons, Kiwanis publications, and club event programs from 1940.
#3 – Kiwanis President Walt Clarke’s campaign and “reign.” Featuring newspaper clippings, cartoons, Kiwanis publications, and club event programs from 1941-42, all with humorous commentary from the scrapbook-maker.
8 smaller scrapbooks containing photos and newspaper clippings from various eras and events, circa 1940s-2000s. Includes photo scrapbook prepared for club’s 75th Anniversary event
One small folder scrapbook “Our Kiwanis Family”: a few photos circa late 1990s/early 2000s
(Box also includes 2014.025.010 from Series 4, and three books, two pamphlets, and three scroll-style banners with fringe from Series 3.)
Series 3 - Club Records and Histories
Box 7
Three books:
History of the New Jersey Kiwanis District, 1916-1926.
History of the New Jersey Kiwanis District, 1946.
History of the New Jersey District Kiwanis International, 1956.
Two New Jersey State club roster pamphlets, 1971-72 and 1973-74.
Three scroll-style banners with fringe, commemorating various Club events.
Box 8
Club Roster Books 1935-2014. Also includes two photocopies of a 1923 list of club officers. Years missing: 1945, 1946, 2006-2007, 2009-2010. Note: No roster was printed for 1980-81.
Box 9
1 bound Booklet/Scrapbook: “50th Anniversary Kiwanis Club of Atlantic City.” Includes club histories and photographs from the event.
Folder 1 – Programs from various club events, dinners, ceremonies throughout the years
Folder 2 – Newspaper articles, posters, and other miscellaneous items pertaining to club activities, fundraisers, dances and other events. Arranged chronologically where possible
Folder 3 – Articles, newsletters, written documents, etc. pertaining to the structure and history of the club. Thank you notes relating to events/awards given. Articles on the organization’s decision to admit women members. Arranged chronologically where possible.
Box 10
Awards. Ribbons, patches and one pin, 1980s-2000s. Awarded to the club itself, and some to members Alan Angelo, Jr. and Adrian Phillips.
Series 4 - Objects
Box 11
2014.035.001 – Banner
2014.035.002 – Banner
2014.035.003 – Banner
2014.035.004 – Banner
Box 12
2014.035.005 – Baseball hat
2014.035.006 – Gavel
2014.035.007 – Bell
Box 7
2014.035.010 – Small plaque, “The Objects of Kiwanis International”
Box 5
2014.035.011 – Belt buckle
2014.035.012a-b – Grooming kit
2014.035.013 – Small medallion with Kiwanis logo
2014.035.014 – Small medallion with Kiwanis logo
2014.035.015 – Small membership pin
2014.035.016 – Small pin with club insignia flag and American flag
Large Objects (Not Boxed):
2014.035.008 – Sign from Hackney’s. Wrapped.
2014.035.009 – Large plaque: framed AC Club charter, 1920